Trompe L'oeil Murals

Trompe L'eoil meaning deceive the eye in French have been used for millennia for painting or wallpaper. This visual trickery was enjoyed by the Greeks and Romans both in art and architecture. During the renaissance great artists were used to paint murals that gave the impression of churches and cathedrals being larger and grander. Columns and arches were added on flat walls to give more depth. Modern street artists use Trompe L'eoil technics on urban murals to capture our imagination. Wallpaper murals in this category are only available in size shown. We can print any Trompe L'eoil mural image that you supply us.

Terrace Seascape Mural image
Terrace Seascape Mural
366 x 254 cm
Biblioteque Book Mural image
Biblioteque Book Mural
93 x 265 cm
Biblioteque Bookshelf Mural image
Biblioteque Bookshelf Mural
192 x 265 cm
Terrace de Cafe image
Terrace de Cafe
86 x 210 cm